Wednesday, December 8, 2010

College Essay

The heart is one of the most complex organs in the human anatomy. It's sixty-thousand miles of vessels are so effective that it can push blood to the foot and back in ten seconds. And yet this organ becomes even more complex when society says, “Follow you heart.”

The perplexing statement provides insight to people of purely obedience. However, by the movement consisting of elements I define by what I consider radical, I have found it is more appropriate to “lead your heart.” Leading my heart doesn't confine me to to the limits of human instinct and rationality. An infinite amount of potential is available if one chooses to lead their heart. By leading my heart, I find that I do things that evolutionists would call “incorrect.” It has been proven that human instinct is survival. We can only reverse this by training to lead our heart. Leading my heart is the most important skill that I possess because it gives me the ability to positively manipulate any situation.

The capacity of leading your heart is much larger than that of “following your heart.” It means I put pride aside and be humble, it means I give to others before myself, it means I take risks that go outside my comfort zone, and lastly it means, I do what is good for the benefit of the situation, not the selfish desires and instincts of the heart.

It concerns me that some people may go their whole lives trying to "find themselves," when really it's all about creating yourself. Self-help books create a false illusion that one day identity will just be "found." I could wait around my whole life and see if this happens, but why do that when I can mold myself into the person I want to be, with the gifts I was given? My hope for an innovative, intellectual society is that people lead their heart and ultimately create themselves.

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