Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Color of Hunger (Roughie)

Hunger is black. It is white. It is brown. Hunger is all visible spectrum. Then why is the color invisible? The colors of hunger are transparent. They are there, but they are seen through and ignored. Hunger is the colors of the African flag. The Indian flag. The flags of all the world. Hunger is seen in the white of the American flag. It is seen in the green of the mountains. Hunger is in the sandy beige of the desert. Hunger in seen in the blue of the ocean. It is seen in the smog of the city. Where is the color of love? The color of compassion?

As I write this, i have food in my stomach. I thank the lord for thy bread to eat. The earth produces food for all to eat. Can it not be chared? Our great mother earth is bountiful. People suffering from salvation and malnutrition may not know the food pyramid and how many ounces of each food group to eat, but they know gnats can be made into an edible paste to survive. here we have to choice to be vegetarian. Other places dont even have a choice of that.

Red is the color of blood shed in the scarcity of food. Blue is the color of the sea of tears shed. Brown is the color of dirt in the grave. Death is the color of hunger. What is the color of life?

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  1. whoa. what a great start. you have it in you girl... keep it up.
    hey - check this out.. October 20th is the second annual National Day on Writing, You could create a gallery on the National Gallery of Writing.