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Lewe's Essay

M.E. Lewes Essay

In M.E. Lewes response to a letter from an American woman, Lewes emphasizes the importance of writing by expressing the significance of humble ambition. She demonstrates this through establishing credibility, reasoning, and direct connection to the heart of Melusina Pierce.
Lewes reacts to Pierce's as “touching and tender.” There is a direct connection between the two women because of their passion to write. Lewes has encountered and experienced many of the struggles Pierce has been through as a writer. Credibility is actually accomplished when Lewes reveals that she has entered “into those young struggles of yours” and into “the longing you (Pierce) feel.” By relating to Pierce in “all that I have gone thorough myself,” she reflects her position as a writer. Lewes implies the frustrations in the development of a writer.
Lewes' ethics and personality also embody credibility by admitting she was “too proud and ambitious to write.” She does not act superior to Pierce because she is a well-known author, but instead humbles herself to define an innate relationship with Pierce. She acknowledges Pierce as an author that shares similar characteristics to her.
Reasoning is also incorporated through the letter, providing evidence that “one's ignorance and incompleteness” can create a conflict. Lewes also remarks that a writer who has exhausted him or herself is “dreary.” However, Lewes uses these sentences to suppress Pierce's fears that she is “past her prime.” Lewes address that every writer has specific talents and gifts that are apparent in their writing. Lewes goes on to share some of her own story. This shows her own development as a writer to set an example for Pierce.
The English novelist addresses the rhetorical question of “Does this seem melancholy?” to confirm her opinion about the ways in which an author can be hindered. Lewes' answer to her question is “less melancholy than any sort of flattery.” This creates importance of avoiding conflicts that can burden writing. She wants Pierce to know that it is crucial to stick to one vision and goal.
By relating to the heart of Pierce, Lewe's draws on her emotions. She creates a connection between both of them instantly. Immediately she does this by complementing her writing ability and the she goes on to establish a deeper element to her letter implying a close connection. Lewe's explains that pierce is “held fast by woman necessities” of “neatness and household perfection.” She creates a definite persona which functions as a relational establishment. As she closes she remarks on her husband how that being married to good. This comment emphasizes how personal she intended the letter to be.
There are several apparent strategies in the piece that Lewes writes to Pierce that enhances her message. By appealing to Pierce through reasoning, connection, and credibly there is an underlying theme of encouragement in the development of a writer. By establishing this encouragement, humble ambition of a writer is generated.

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